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Industrial Solution
We are a factory specialized in manufacturing industrial lightings, and can design and provide appropriate lightings for warehouse, manufacturing industry, food processing industry, parking lots and other industrial sites according to the requirement of the customers, which can save energy more than 20%.
Infrastructure Solution
We can provide perfect lighting solutions for any kind infrastructure, with the unique design concepts at the energy saving, usability and luminous effect aspects. Several lights have obtained the patent certificates, which have guaranteed the advancement of the technology and a perfect show of the construction.
Hazardous Area Solution
We can provide lighting solutions for any kind of hazardous areas, such as mining area, wastewater treatment area, food processing area, textile area, pharmacy, chemicals, power factory and paper conversion etc. We can design and provide perfect lightings solutions to ensure the smooth production.
Traffic Solution
The LED street lights provided by us can greatly improve energy efficiency, satisfy the lighting needs of the roads. The superior waterproof and antiseptic performances have significantly lengthened the service life of the lights and saved lightings costs.
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